Friday, 15 November 2013

Gingerberry winter smoothie

I have had a killer stomach ache for a few days and I want it gone! Day off from work today, shopping completed and chilly from the wind, I got home and decided to whizz up a warming, stomach settling smoothie!

I used..

One handful of chopped strawberries
One handful of blueberries
Three tablespoons of organic bio vanilla yoghurt
A chunk of peeled ginger; roughly one inch squared
A tablespoon of flaxseed
A generous glug of almond milk. ( a mugful or so)

Whiz this beauty up and serve over ice or with a side of yummy yet healthy nuts as a snack! To me it tastes like ginger and strawberry ice cream.. Love it! Plus ginger is super healthy for tummies and good for settling a grumpy belly. 

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