Friday, 15 November 2013

Review: Revlon moon candy nail art in 280 orbit

I am what seems to be a nail varnish collector lately. I spotted this gorgeous duo in my nearest Boots store a few weeks back and have had it on my mind until now! I decided I'd treat myself to this galactic, cosmos inspired polish. It retails at £7.99 but considering it is two polishes in one isn't a bad deal for a nail art polish. 

I used Rimmel London's Stronger Stay Hard strengthening base coat, and then one coat of the dark purple creme polish. 
The applicator brush is a slim shape and easy to use. The one coat dried fairly quickly and went on smoothly. 

I then applied the glitter flake part which unfortunately was difficult to get a good amount of glitter in the one coat! I was also a bit dubious about how long this would take to dry as it was much stickier than the plain colour was. 

After it dried, I applied another coat to get more glitter onto my nails. I am pleased with the final result but I don't feel that it is as vibrant as I'd have hoped. 

I ADORE the galaxy print themes and galaxy print inspired products and do feel a tiny bit let down. If there was a better amount of glitter in the polish and a less gungy and sticky outcome I would probably purchase another polish from this range.

 As it is, I would recommend it for the gorgeous colours and sparkle, but it could definitely be improved! 

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