Monday, 11 November 2013

Soap and glory smoothie star buttercream review

I am a self proclaimed Soap and Glory fanatic. Their shower gels, body butters and scrubs make me smell delicious. 
Last Christmas I was lucky enough to get more than a few Soap and Glory bits and bobs, including their Smoothie Star Body Milk which I adored. It smelt of sweet flapjacks to me and I enjoyed smelling like a sugary treat all day long.

On a recent visit to Boots I stumbled across the Body Buttercream version and had to treat my little legs to it this winter.

The packaging is just as cutesy and adorable as ever with quirky quotes all over the labelling. The scent is just as sugary and sweet but it seems to smell slightly like marzipan more than I remember from the Smoothie Star Body Milk but that just adds to the sweetness.

The consistency of this is delightfully thick and creamy and you can feel how moisturising it is as soon as you smooth it onto bare skin. 

I flit between moisturisers and they are a favourite purchase of mine to make when I feel like I need a treat. This body butter however is probably my all time favourite and so deserved a product rave. I would recommend it to people who suffer from dry to very dry skin. I use it more or less every day especially now the winter has drawn in; it definitely makes a difference, you'll smell like heaven AND it keeps you super silky and smooth! 

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