Thursday, 12 December 2013

Santa's scrub by Lush

Christmas is creeping closer and I was lucky enough to receive from a friend a HUGE gift box from the Lush Cosmetics company. It's choc full of all their limited edition christmas goodies and I'm going to try them out and let you guys in on my favourites.

First up, Santa's Scrub. This festive little number is a cute little jar packed full of sugar and sweetness to scrub your lips with; it's also edible! The taste is supposed to be cola, with cherry and date essence. It definitely has a cherry cola taste and is perfect for those with a sweet tooth this winter. 

It definitely leaves your lips feeling super soft and moisturised which as all is girls know, is super important during this chilly windy weather as I for one have noticed my lips dying for moisture throughout the day. 

The top of the scrub is glittery and sprinkled with tiny red hearts to match it's bright jolly red colour. Super super cute and PERFECT for a late secret Santa gift as it retails for only £5.50 and would last ages! 

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