Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year promises and NYC adventures

Hello! I've been away from the blog over the Christmas holidays, frankly being majorly lazy and eating too many Ferrero Rochers and Pringles. But it wouldn't have been Christmas without wondrous pyjama days watching massively cheesy films and eating myself into a food coma. The gym has been long forgotten about for the last few weeks but just like every other Brit I've promised myself I'll be back in there, and, fitter than EVER by the end of January. (Yeah, lets see how that pans out) So, that is one promise to myself for 2014.

But, what about my cliché New Years Resolution?
To be perfectly honest, is simply to worry a hell of alot less. About everything. Relationships, appearance, life in general. After spending far too much time in a ditch with just me and my tosser of a pal, Anxiety, I have well and truly decided that enough is enough.
Let people think what they wish of you and then be happy with yourself. Who else matters?
Nothing is too big to overcome eventually. You are worth much more than you probably let yourself think. It's about time we all had a bit more time just going with things in life and seeing what happens. Like.. me jumping on a big bloody plane and hitting NYC all by myself..? In TEN days time..? Its happening! I'll make sure to write a post on my adventures for three whole days in a city which makes tiny little me seem like an insignificant dot in the bustling city that never sleeps!

So. No more worrying is on my agenda for 2014, whether I will succeed I have yet to discover. Everybody has a little worry now and then but the insignificant things and insignificant people? We don't need your shit. Goodbye and Goodnight.

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