Monday, 20 January 2014


So everybody seems to be taking photos of their Starbucks and whacking it on their Instagram account these days.. but what about those random moment snaps with pals and those "happy memory" triggering photos that you have lurking on your account? I recently came across a super cool, super super cute website which creates a magnet board of your 9 all time Insta favourites to slap onto your fridge freezer and gaze at every morning when you wander down for a glass of milk..

Stickygram I found to be extremely quick and easy to use, you just enable it to link up to your instagram and simply click on the nine photos of your choice and then go ahead and order your magnets!
They also do collages for Iphone cases and tablet covers so the insta collage world is your oyster with this quirky company. A perfect thoughtful gift for a close friend or other half I think, they also offer free delivery worldwide which is also a very nice touch from an American website in my opinion.

I have just ordered my first set of these little cuties for a friend and will do an update on how I find the quality and delivery time.

In the meantime however, why not treat yourself to one and enter my promo code.
You can either bag yourself $2 off magnets or $5 off phone cases.


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