Friday, 14 February 2014

Stickygram: Bringing your instagrams to life

I can confess I am now an Instagram addict. I take photos of my dinner, my drink at Starbucks, my panda socks next to a bowl of freshly sliced blood oranges...

Social media has gone crazy and the opportunities online are endless; on Instagram you can gain hundreds of dedicated followers and become a follower and watch someones life unfold in a random series of square, filtered photos. But what most of us don't always realise is that out own Instagram accounts are like a photographic diary, miniature snapshots of our life and the events unfolding around us. A photo of a pair of shoes in the mud at the festival might be the one that brings back the most hilarious memories years after; only these photos are stored online, not in a frame where you can see it everyday and relive the experiences. So, I was looking into bringing my some of my own Instagram photographs into life.

This is when I stumbled across a website called Stickygram. These are the guys who bring your memories to life in the form of super cute sheets of magnets, ipad cases and a whole range of phone cases. You choose the Instagram photos you want to be featured and these guys make the magic happen..

The Stickygram website is easy to navigate and once you choose your product, it is super easy to add the photos or choose the layout; the website actually links with Instagram so no more fussy uploading of photos from your computer. This company offers free delivery worldwide which is also brilliant. 
I simply linked my Instagram account and got creative; I picked the most memorable photos and the most delicious looking foodie shots I had taken over the last year or so. I've created an iphone 4 case and two sets of magnets to stick all over my fridge!

The iphone 4 case from Stickygram is very lightweight and almost soft to the touch. The photo quality is good, it's bright and colourful and I like the wrap around style of the photos; nothing worse than a case with a great picture on the back but plain sides. It fits extremely well over the phone and gives easy access to all of the buttons. 

The magnets are lovely too; you peel them apart into individual magnets or I guess you could just slap the whole sheet  onto the fridge! They are made from a bendy material and feel quite soft. I think these are a brilliant gift for friends or a loved one, brilliant value for a customised item and I would recommend the cases and magnets as it is a nice change to have such a personal item designed by yourself. 

Like I stated, apps like Instagram make it easy to upload hundreds of photos, as random as you like but with so many little snapshots of your life that will bring back memories in years to come, it's very nice to be able to print these or create something physical which you can keep in sight and bring a smile to your face or a friends.

Stickygram is going to be holding a 25% off sale from the 16th February until the end of this month, so now is your chance to get some of these super cute items created; or treat a friend to a really personal and thoughtful gift this month! It's not long since Valentines day after all! Click here to check out their website.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to like and comment below! Let me know what creations you guys make on Stickygram. 

Happy Valentines Day for yesterday!

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