Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sunday smoothie: Berry Almond Blend

Wake yourself up on a Sunday morning to one of these blended beauties! 

Packed full of super fruits, berries and potassium packed bananas, this smoothie will see you through a cosy Sunday and make you feel a bit better about eating that tasty roast dinner later.

For this smoothie I used:

3 Large Strawberries
One Medium Banana
One Handful of blueberries
100ml Of Almond Milk

Blend these ingredients in a smoothie maker or blender and you're good to go!

You can swap the almond milk for cows milk, rice milk or even just some water or fruit juice; you will need to add some liquid at least to help the smoothie blend together into a smooth runny consistency. 
I like to use almond milk as it gives you a good helping of vitamin E which is an essential nutrient, it helps to eliminate free radicals, promotes circulation and is beneficial to skin and hair care. It can also help prevent cataracts and diabetes in later life.
The berries in this smoothie are super healthy; blueberries themselves are known as a "superfruit" because of the high concentration of antioxidants and provide a great source of vitamin A too.

All in all, this smoothie is packed full of energy from the banana, plus vitamins and fibre from the berries. It is a perfect start to a busy (or not so busy) Sunday.. or any day for that matter! Blend this beauty up and enjoy. Happy blending!

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