Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mango mint smoothie with organic wheatgrass powder

So I'm back in the blogosphere at long last after Amsterdam adventures and long days at work! Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I am back now and glad to be. I have been extremely lucky to have been in contact with some amazing health and fitness related companies recently and so you should look out for some interesting reviews and recipes over the next few weeks. I am starting off with a super duper, scrummy but equally healthy smoothie thanks to the guys at The Health Cloud sending me some organic wheatgrass powder to get messy with!

Disclaimer: I have been sent this item for free and they have asked me to let them know what I think in exchange, but don't worry, all opinions are my own and I only write about products I am enthusiastic about and can give an honest evaluation! 

So, if you haven't heard of The Health Cloud, click here to be transported into their world of truly healthy products and interesting information on healthy living. There is an online store, blog and tons more of brilliant resources for the health freaks amongst us. You can also purchase the wheatgrass powder I am featuring from them on Amazon.

So, whats the deal with this wheatgrass stuff?

Well, wheatgrass powder does come from the wheat plant, but from the young leaves. My favourite fact about it is that it doesn't contain wheat gluten (or any gluten) despite being derived from the plant itself as it is milled  before it grows into a grain.

This bright green powder is essentially a superhero for your body; inside and out. Full to the brim of antioxidants, it is claimed to have countless health benefits, from stimulating the thyroid gland, increasing metabolism to help you keep trim and even fighting cancer. These are big claims from such a small plant but you don't get told to eat your greens for nothing. It can be used to shampoo your hair, wash your face or mixed into juices and smoothies for you to drink. I plan to try these methods of using the powder and see what works best but for now I have whipped up an easy and delicious smoothie incorporating this superfood. When faced with the thought of downing a glass of green juice or smoothie, most people turn their noses up and expect it to taste awful; I was pleasantly surprised myself at the subtle taste of this wheatgrass powder and in fact I can barely tell it is mixed into my smoothie or juice, so for anybody dubious but intrigued in eating cleaner and healthier, you really should try this for a start!

Mango mint smoothie

I love green smoothies and juices but understand those who aren't so keen on blending up fluorescent green drinks so I've started out easy. This smoothie incorporates lots of tasty fruits, mint leaves, yoghurt and of course wheatgrass powder. It has a creamy, fruity taste with a subtle flavour of fresh mint which is gorgeous. The following recipe would be perfect for a quick hangover cure and for anybody who needs perking up, be it post workout or pre party!


Two tablespoons of plain bio yoghurt
6 - 8 strawberries (Hulled)
100ml of orange juice
A handful of chopped frozen mango chunks
One teaspoon of Geco Organic Wheatgrass powder
6-8 fresh mint leaves

(These ingredients can be increased or decreased depending on your preference and volume of smoothie you wish to make.)

Blend all ingredients together and serve immediately! SLURPPP.

As always, thank you for reading guys and look out for some interesting uses for wheatgrass powder. I definitely plan to make a face mask or hair treatment so if you want to keep updated be sure to follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram. Links are at the top of my blog. 
Don't forget to eat clean and green!

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  1. Fantastic blog post, the pictures really look good, great work :)