Monday, 19 May 2014

Upbeat Protein Drink review

Hello! It's almost hump day and everyone is bound to be dreading the mid week slump. You know, when it's almost the weekend but still not near enough and everybody is thinking it and definitely feeling it. Everybody could do with feeling a bit more.. Upbeat.. right?
I have been tweeting back and forth to one of my favourite brands this month.. 

I love writing about products I relate to and more importantly, enjoy and want to share with my readers. The product I love from this particular brand, Upbeat, is a protein drink.
*Disclaimer* I did receive the products photographed below for free, regardless of this, I only recommend products that I use personally and believe my readers will enjoy, which is why I contacted this particular brand for more information to share on my blog. I have been finding out a bit more about these guys and what they have got going on, so if you want to sneak some extra protein into your diet in a super tasty way, then read on. 

I cannot stand the gritty, artificial and chemical tasting protein shakes you whip up at home from a big tub of powder. Nor the premade, unrefrigerated ones you find at the back of the supermarket. I have heard it is a common complaint from people trying protein shake brands. It also tends to be either strawberry, vanilla or chocolate "flavoured" powders and mixes available, which isn't a great range lets face it. The guys at Upbeat, in my opinion have mastered the art of creating a protein packed but super tasty dairy drink. Yes it IS refrigerated and it contains real fruit puree, fruit juice and fresh whey protein. What's also really great is that the drinks are low in fat and under 150 calories per bottle and so they are perfect for a post-gym protein boost or just a snack throughout the day to keep you going. It contains 20g of protein in this compact little bottle!

The drinks are available in two flavours; Strawberry or Mango and Passion fruit. My personal favourite is probably the Mango and Passion fruit! The drink itself is nothing like the conventional protein shake flavour or texture, it tastes more like a smooth, fruity, yoghurt drink to me which I feel is such a refreshing change for people like me who try and eat healthily by adding protein into the diet, whether it is to tone up muscles or just feel fuller for longer, trying to force down protein does become a bore. I am very happy to say these drinks make things much easier and with such a fresh taste I really look forward to them after my workout. You can find them at Tescos, Ocado, Waitrose, Holland and Barratt, WHsmiths and Booths. Comment below with your favourite protein drink and spark up a debate or tweet me @BBxTweets

Goodnight and much love healthies! xox

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