Saturday, 6 September 2014

Industrial vintage home

Vintage city kitchen with mint
Tribeca loft inspired apartments, industrial vintage vibes and how you can bring this trend into your home.

I'm bringing the vintage industrial vibe into my new home at the moment and trying to accessorize with coordinating pieces. Tribeca loft inspired interiors are, in my eyes, perfection. Reclaimed wood, worn metal finishes and bare bulbs are perfect when teamed together to create a vintage industrial or warehouse theme within your own home. Marry together the neutral wood and metal with bright colours, or pastels such as this mint green to bring a fresh, pop of colour into your interior. I feel that soft greys, marl and bright white fabrics are also key for this look. 

Accessory Tip: I love the pastel glass mason jars; they can easily be turned into vases, coffee containers or used as juice glasses. These jars are reasonably priced and very on-trend right now, so are a perfect addition to any kitchen decor and extremely versatile. 

What current home trends do you like at the moment? 
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