Thursday, 18 September 2014

Positive vibes

Everybody has those days when they feel downright rotten, down in the dumps and unmotivated. We end up juggling so much in life and forget that we are allowed to put things down and take a breather..

There are days when you might feel like there is nothing more that could go wrong and that you couldn't possibly cheer up but, sometimes, the tiniest and most insignificant things can actually turn your day around before it's even started or simply relax your mind after a hectic day. 

Here are five things that you could add to your daily routine that might just keep you feeling more positive about well, everything and open your eyes to the happy little things in life. 

Mindful meditation.

Ommmmmmm. Keeping yourself grounded and practising more positive and realistic thinking will help you more than you may think. Mindful meditation doesn't involve any crossed legs and people emitting eerie humming noises (unless you want to) but instead just listening to a short meditation session every day to simply clear your mind. My favourite app which I always recommend is called "Headspace". This app is free on iTunes and offers a free session of ten minutes of mindful meditation per day. They suggest using it every morning so that you can start your day on a positive note with a fresh, clear mind. If you like the app you can then subscribe for more sessions for all sorts of situations, from relationship stresses to travelling. There are some really cute and quirky animations on the app and their twitter page to keep you in check with your positive side and help to quell any unhealthy thoughts. Ten minutes a day can't hurt anyone! 

Treat yourself.

How often do you tell yourself that you really deserve a treat? Most people don't find the time in their busy schedule these days to do this, however little time or effort it takes. Even the smallest of things such as buying a book you've had your eye on or grabbing that frappuccino you've fancied on the way home from work one evening can cheer you up. It doesn't have to cost you much money, or time, just remember that you do deserve it and make the time to treat yourself. These Pots & co puddings are to die for and are a perfect little treat in the evening (or any time of day if you're like me)!


No, I'm not telling you to get taller! I mean pot up some succulents, plant a terrarium and bring some greenery into your home. I absolutely love seeing live plants around the home. By nurturing something you can make yourself feel more motivated and proud when you see it growing and looking beautiful. You can pick up potted herbs fairly cheaply at garden centres and if potted in little terracotta or metal planters, these can really brighten up your home.. and make your cooking taste even more delicious too! 

Take a breather. 

Sometimes just breathing in some fresh air and taking in open spaces around you can help you to relax and calm your thoughts. Take yourself for a walk outdoors and just notice what's going on around you. With so many people working in retail and office environments, it's very likely most of us don't get enough of the fresh air that we could really benefit from. Being in an open area outdoors can help calm you also as the feeling of being "trapped" or claustrophobic in life is often what stresses people or causes anxiety. Take a seat on a bench, or on the grass and just enjoy watching the world go by and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much calmer you can feel by taking a quick breather. 

Get cosy. 

Pyjamas on, a fresh duvet and a hot drink with a funny movie is all you need sometimes. Cosy nights in always cheer me up despite how sparse they are, as I find it near impossible to switch off from being online! Everybody needs down time and everybody needs evenings or days
when they just switch their phones, iPads and laptops off and just focus on something else for a couple of hours. Our brain needs to switch off from the incoming texts, emails and information from the day and although it seems difficult, a couple of hours internet and phone free will ensure you completely relax and focus your mind away from them. Put on those favourite pyjamas, horrendous fluffy socks and a cheesy film and enjoy it! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post! Don't forget that everybody, no matter what they do, needs time to switch off and relax to function at their best! If you feel a bit low, double check to see if you're making time for yourself to relax. 

Comment below if you have any other tips on how to relax and create positive vibes in your lifestyle!


  1. What a gorgeous, lovely post ^_^ And one with tips I'll be taking myself whenever needed. I especially love the idea of getting little plants, it's something I'd never have thought of and so simple yet effective!

    Jemma xx ^__^

  2. A perfect post for relaxing! I'm a big walker and practically live in comfy joggers! haha
    Really lovely post, with beautiful photos.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  3. Thank you girlies! I'm forever In my pyjamas whenever possible and it's always good to get out for walks! Growing plants is a really good thing to do and it's so nice to have them living in your home, producing more oxygen etc. ;) always handy! Xx

  4. Love this post, and all the tips are very useful and realistic. I'm definitely gonna give that headspace app a go. I went for a little morning walk today, being outside is such a good start to the day!


  5. Thank you, so glad you think so! Very true, I love walks especially this time of year. The app is definitely worth a go ^_^ xx