Sunday, 14 September 2014

September '14 wishlist

September wishlist

  1. I am embracing autumn and all of the cosy clothing it brings. I'm loving Topshop this month (as usual, sigh) as they have some really gorgeous cropped tees and long sleeved tops in at the moment which are perfect for the transition into warmer clothing this month. 
  2. These dark wash, torn skinny jeans from Topshop are perfect for this time of year; darker colours will be creeping back in and the torn knees are absolutely huge this year. 
  3. Essie nail polish is my secret obsession and I have been collecting them all this year; this shade in Midnight Cami is going to be beautiful for evening wear and the dark blues are going to be a hit this wintertime too, so I would like to add this to my collection. 
  4. Kate Spade is very popular right now and I have to admit, I am now a big fan too! This black leather wristlet would be a perfect addition to my handbag as I have been in need of a neutral purse for a while now. 
  5. I am quite the bookworm and this book has been raved about on IG especially. I think it looks like a very interesting read and is a book I am desperate to add to my bookshelf this month.
  6. The laurel wreath ring in sterling silver from Pandora is a perfect autumn accessory and is such a beautiful statement piece; I WILL be getting my hands on this beauty!
Thanks for reading guys.. what's on your wishlist this month?

Topshop high waisted skinny jeans
£43 -

Kate Spade leather wallet
£79 -

Pandora sterling silver ring
£34 -

Essie nail polish


  1. Amazing wishlist, I love all of it! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin, if you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Thank you!! Your blog is really lovely, I now want a macaroni cheese burger though! Look forward to more of your OOTDS, thank you for checking mine out lovely! xx

  2. Lovely wishlist! ♥ I found myself wanting some of these myself! I don't know why I haven't bought 'It' yet as everyone raves about it haha.
    Now I'm gonna carry on mooching about your blog if that's ok ;) I've become such a little fan lately! Hehe. Hope that's ok.

    Jemma xx

  3. Oh p.s I was gonna check I was following you on Insta, but your link wont work for me :( xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Your blog is brilliant I'm looking g forward to your posts! Feel free to mooch around as much as you like ^_^ and thank you for letting me know about the link! I would never have known! I shall fix it tomorrow. In the meantime you can always find me on IG under inkandnonsense :) I want "it" but I know il read it in half an hour! A good one for the coffee table though xx

    2. I thought that! A great coffee table book ^__^ Thanks for the link! I love having lots of my fave bloggers on Insta!

      Also.. you might have found yourself here!

  4. Such a good wishlist! Everything is so lovely. Your editing skills are really good too!