Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Motivational breakfast with Red and Pandora

I adore attending events and meeting new people so when I found out that Red magazine and Pandora were holding a breakfast event, I swooped in and got involved..

The breakfast event was held in Oxford Street at the flagship Pandora store, where Lorraine Pascale and Jacqueline Hurst hosted talks, answered questions and gave useful advice on how to live more positively and "be a better you". 

We were served teeny tiny cute breakfast canap├ęs and huge crispy pastries along with some delicious drinks and granola pots!

The talks from Lorraine and Jacqueline were both brilliant and really informative and inspirational. Jacqueline Hurst is a life coach and she really gave some great advice on meditation and how to prioritise self care. She also spoke about her own difficulties in life and how she had battled eating disorders, drug addictions and a troubled life when younger. She explained how she had overcome this all and how it had then helped her to help others, leading to her becoming a life coach. After the talk we had the chance to ask her questions and she covered topics from how to cope with anxiety, what to do if you have trouble getting to sleep at night and lots of other topics. All in all, the breakfast was a such lovely experience and something I would definitely recommend you try and go to if the opportunity ever arises again. We all got a big goodie bag at the end too, stuffed full of goodies; including a Pandora Essence bracelet and charm. I received the "Belief" charm which is my favourite of them all.. so I can cross that one off of my Christmas list now!

After the event I spent the rest of the day shopping in Oxford Street and later popped into Kensington to grab a green juice and some CoYo (the best vegan coconut yoghurt ever!) at Wholefoods. Keep your eyes on the blog for a future haul of my autumn clothing I picked up whilst I was in London..
as always, thank you for reading lovelies and let me know if you enjoyed this post! I love hearing from  my readers, it really does make my day!


  1. Would love to go to an event like this, should keep my eyes peeled! Great post and I love the photography! X

  2. Yes keep an eye out it really was a brilliant event! Thank you so much lovely xx

  3. yummy yummy and the presentation of the food is so pretty


  4. This looks like such a sweet little event, pandora and food are my favourite things, I'm gutted I missed out! It sounds like a really valuable experience too, speaking as someone who struggles with anxiety.

    Sammy xo.


  5. The talk from everyone was brilliant and so, so helpful for anyone who suffers from anxiety especially! x