Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bloggers Love Hub event

Hello lovelies!

Apologies for being m.i.a this month but I have been super busy with things at home and work. The guinea pigs have been poorly and so have I, but I'm back and better than ever. Here is the low down on the latest event that I attended...

Bloggers Love Hub: Bloggers Lounge Monday 17th November at Kanaloa Club London

I took my friend Sorcha along who has just recently started running her fashion own blog which you can take a peek at here! I got an email a month or so ago for "VIB" (very important blogger) access to this event and future one held by Bloggers Love.  I love going to events as it is the perfect opportunity to network with brands and bloggers alike and get tips from others whilst you're there!

Kanaloa club was a perfect venue, a Tiki/Hawaiian themed club in the heart of central London. We arrived around 6pm. There were lots of different brands at the event from beauty and fashion to fitness and food, all looking to chat and get to know each other. It was super lovely meeting lots of friendly bloggers and brands as everybody was so eager to meet new people and it created a brilliant, welcoming atmosphere.

There was a workshop held by Miss Cupcakes founder Tia-Mai who was there to show how she professionally decorates her cupcakes for her home run business in London. She was very lovely and extremely talented at what she does, with the patience of a saint when faced with us amateurs!

You can certainly tell who decorated what in the photos! My yellow masterpiece came home with me on the train and it's safe to say it looked even worse for wear once it home... The workshop was very fun however and I learnt some new sugar craft skills such as creating fondant icing roses and learnt how to fine tune my piping. I adored the sushi inspired cupcakes she had created for the night.

We all huddled around each brands tables to find out more about what their products were and there were lots of fairly new companies which were just starting out; this was a great opportunity for bloggers and brands to connect and help each other out! We got lots of sample and gifts from the brands there on the evening and I came away with three huge bags full of goodies to try out...

Slendertone were very generous and I came away with the Slendertone abs kit to tone up my abdominals with which I cannot wait to try. Since moving home I have been majorly slacking with my workout routine which is to be honest, non existent at the moment. I will be putting up a post with my own honest opinion of this kit within a few weeks as I have never tried anything like it before and am excited to see if it lives up to the hype!

Sniffy Wiffy were one of the main reasons I chose this event over the others (There were a few to choose from on different dates) as they are quite new and from what I saw online, looked very interesting. These guys sell lots of beauty and grooming products.. but mainly moisturisers and body butters, wrapped up in the most gorgeous packaging. What is most important about this brand is that a portion of their profits go to charity "Coppa Feel" which are all about raising awareness of breast cancer in women AND men. Their products encourage men and women to "coppa feel" of their breasts and check on a regular basis for anything abnormal. I picked up a little sample of their Mango scented body butter and it smells heavenly! I will definitely be picking up some Christmas bits for family (and myself) this month.

Umberto Giannini were at the event to give some tips on haircare and advise which products were best for your hair. My hair is in the process of growing nice and long (I hope!) and so they gave me the Indulgent Beauty Hair Mask to nourish my tresses with. I must admit I have already tried this out since I brought it home and it smells beautiful and really moisturises and softens your hair.

The Gold Collagen ladies treated us all to a collagen shot that evening and I must admit I was pretty hesitant to try it! I was so amazed at the flavour of the drink which was lovely and fruity and with all the health benefits associated, it definitely left me wanting to try some more and see if my dry hair and nails appreciated it. If I do decide to trial this product I will post and let you all know of the results.

Colour chase cosmetics had an astonishing range of beautiful lipsticks in any colour you could think of; they are also well pigmented from what I have tried and if you like bright pops of colour or unusual shades then you should really take a look at the website. I came home with a gorgeous coral/orange shade and a pastel lilac which I will swatch for you guys and feature soon!

Other brands I met on the night were Matthew Calvin jewellery, Zuzka skin care, Mifani shoes, Hifas das terra and Sumayah Deriya

It was the perfect evening and I would definitely recommend Bloggers Love events to any bloggers who are looking to connect with brands and network with other bloggers. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading and you can look out for more detailed posts on particular brands such as Slendertone and Umberto Giannini soon! 


  1. Looks and sounds like a great event! The cupcake with bloggers on it is too cute! It's so nice to go to events like this and discover and learn about more brands, and even better if you come away with a few goodies! :)

    Hayley-Eszti // www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com

  2. i'm glad you had fun decorating your cupcakes. i love the cupcakes they are so yummy! oh btw i have a giveaway on my blog


  3. Thank you lovelies! You both write amazing blogs ^_^ xx

  4. Lovely to see that you're back! And so glad you had a great time :) Sounds amazing!

    Jemma xx